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Vikont Introduction:

We offer immediate solutions for your IT needs. We collaborate with you on improvements and long term solutions that will empower your IT to perform at it’s peak, reflect in better business across the organization and result in the best possible return on you IT investment.

Vikont Facts:

  • In operation since 2000
  • Started as an E-commerce development company
  • Organically grown to offer a full range of IT services
  • Authorized¬†Google Apps Reseller
  • Specializing in¬†Google Apps,¬†Server support and¬†E-commerce
  • Offering¬†Additional Services to create a complete IT One Stop Shop
  • Committed to embracing technological innovation and continuous learning
  • Committed to deep understanding of¬†your needs and providing best suited solution for you
  • Unwavering determination to problem solving and solution creation
  • Honest business¬†practices, client loyalty, reasonable pricing backed by a team of smart, loyal¬†and¬†innovative¬†¬†people

Vikont Solutions Corp. We have a solution for you!

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