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Google Apps

Get business-grade service with Google Apps for Business

Google Apps is a communication and collaboration tool that will change and improve the way we do business much like many networking sites changed the way we socialize. Google Apps is hosted in a cloud environment thus accessible to users from any stationary or portable device. Google Apps has successfully completed a SAS 70 Type II certification. The benefit of this type of certification is automatically passed onto you. It works across multiple platforms; no need for synchronization, no data back ups, no maintenance or upgrades. Aside from obvious short and long term savings additional benefit is the collaborative environment that will save time and increase productivity for individual users and across the company.

Cost Savings – $50 USD annually per user
Get Google Apps to minimize maintenance, and reduce IT costs up to 80%. Calculate what is the annual cost of maintenance of current IT systems: Email Servers, Database Servers, Storage Systems, Security Systems, Content Repositories, Back up Servers, Software licencing, than add the IT staff that is responsible for maintenance of the systems and any other expenses eating at your budget annually. Compare this amount with $50 USD per user (number of company employees) annually and the savings will be clear.

Take back up to 80% of your time and budget. Choose Google Apps*

*Savings will vary from company to company!

Vikont Offer
As authorized Google Apps reseller Vikont Solutions offers you Google Apps for Business at the same price of $50 USD annually per user with additional benefits. We can facilitate the migration and assist during complete integration. We also include 1 free domain name annually for over 10 users and offer corporate training on regular basis as needed. Free Google Apps trial period of 30 days. Contact us for more details.

Google Apps for Business – What is included
Email, IM, voice and video chat
Each user gets 25 GB of email and IM storage (50 times the industry average).

Anytime, anywhere access to your email
Gmail is securely powered by the web, so you can be productive from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you’re offline.

Sync with Outlook & BlackBerry
Get the benefits of Apps on familiar platforms!
Users can their existing mail clients (Ms Outlook etc.) and connect to Gmail via POP and IMAP protocols or use Goole synch for Outlook or they can use powerfull web-based Gmail app.

Search and find emails instantly
Spend less time organizing email and find emails quickly with Google-powered search for your inbox.

Get less spam
Powerful Gmail spam filtering helps you stay focused on what’s important.
Gmail spam filters are more then enough for most users however you can even further customize your spam filters and security settings with included Postini security app.

Google Calendar
Easily schedule appointments
Overlay multiple calendars to see when people are available. Google Calendar sends invitations and manages RSVPs.

Integrate with your email system
Google Calendar is integrated into Gmail and interoperable with popular calendar applications.

Share project calendars
Calendars can be shared company-wide or with select co-workers. A range of sharing permission controls help maintain security and privacy.

Access with your mobile device
View and edit event details, add new events, and invite guests on mobile devices like the BlackBerry and iPhone. Even receive calendar notifications via SMS.

Publish calendars
Publicize external company events by publishing a calendar to make it searchable in the Google Calendar gallery. Easily embed calendars into web pages.

Google Docs
Anytime, anywhere access to your work
Google Docs is securely powered by the web, giving you the flexibility to be productive from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone, even when you’re offline.

Works across operating systems
Google Docs works in the browser on PC, Mac, and Linux computers, and supports popular formats such as .doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf.

Easily upload, sharing, collaboration
Files stored on Google Docs are always accessible and backed-up online.Work together without the hassles of attachments –Coworkers can share the same online copy of each doc, spreadsheet or presentation. All revisions are saved and recoverable. Presentations can be delivered to remote audiences, and documents and spreadsheets can be published internally for employees to view.

Secure access controls
Administrators can manage file sharing permissions system-wide, and document owners can share and revoke file access at any time.

No annual licencing fee for office software all upgrades are free and automatic

Google Groups
Fast setup
Employees can create and manage groups without burdening IT.

Sharing with a group
Employees can share docs, calendars, sites, shared folders and videos with a group instead of individuals. You control who has access to content by managing group membership.

Customizable subscription settings
Group discussions are archived by default, allowing users to easily search and view past and present discussions via the web UI.

Searchable archives
Group members can access and search archives of mail sent to their lists to efficiently find topics of interest.

Reply on behalf of a group
Groups can serve as a central point to receive and respond to communications, and members can reply on behalf of the group.

Google Sites
Organize information in a central place
Use Google Sites to centralize documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, slide shows and more to help keep teams organized.

New! Build collaborative sites faster with templates for project work spaces, team sites, intranets and more.

Anytime, anywhere access
Google Sites is securely powered by the web, so you can access company pages from your desk, on the road, at home and on your mobile phone.

Works across operating systems
Google Sites works in the browser on PC, Mac and Linux computers.

System and site-level security controls
Administrators can manage site sharing permissions across the business, and authors can share and revoke file access at any time.

Google Video
A video channel for your business
Video sharing makes important communications like internal trainings and corporate announcements more engaging and effective.

Keep videos secure and private
Employees can securely share videos with coworkers without exposing confidential information.

Anytime, anywhere access
Google Video is securely powered by the web, so you can access company videos from your desk, on the road, and at home.

Works across operating systems
Google Video works in the browser on PC, Mac and Linux computers.

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