Google Apps news from July 2012  

New Resources

Google’s Chief Business Officer on the growth of Enterprise

During Google’s Q2 Earnings call, our Chief Business Officer, Nikesh Arora, detailed the face-paced growth of Google Enterprise: “It’s become clear that we now have another serious growth engine for Google. I hope you read this week about a company who said the competition was 50% more expensive than Google, and “not as cool.” That company is now a $200,000 a year Google Apps customer.” Read more about his comments and press reactions (InformationWeek and Talkin’ Cloud).

Collaborate with famous authors

With the launch of our new Gone Google Marketing Website, which you can use as you’re working with interested prospects and clients, there have been a constant stream of new videos and assets. Here’s a fun “Docs Demo: Masters Edition”that allows you and your clients to experience collaborating with famous authors.

Events and Webinars

Google I/O recap

Google I/O 2012 was nothing short of amazing. All of you probably saw the ambitious Project Glass skydiving demo and product updates such as offline editing in Docs and iOS app for Drive. You can find recordings for all sessions here:

Archives of the past trainings and webinars can be found on Google Partner Connect.

 Product Updates

Apps updates at Google I/O

Coverage following Sundar Pichai’s, Senior Vice President for Chrome and Apps, keynote at I/O focused on the momentum of Chrome and Apps, including the 5M businesses now using Google Apps, offline editing in Docs and Google Drive for iOS. One source characterized the Drive iOS launch as “tangible and enticing to more enterprise customers.” Many articles also echoed Sundar’s point that “going Google” is a growing trend among both individuals and businesses.

Google+ hangouts in Gmail

At Google I/O, we announced our plans to merge Google Talk, Google Messenger, and Google+ hangouts into one unified, real-time messaging application. This week, we started this effort for consumers by integrating Google+ hangouts in Gmail to replace the old Gmail Video Chat functionality. Your customers can expect this change to roll out to Rapid Release domains in 2-3 weeks and Scheduled Release domains 2 weeks after Rapid Release. Review the help center article for suggestions on optimizing your network for Google+ hangouts. A Help center article with an email template to communicate this change to your customers will be published at What’s New.

Download to Google Spreadsheet from Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools now has a new download option if your customers want to export their data directly to a Google Spreadsheet. The download option is available for most of our data heavy features, such as Crawl errors, Search queries, and Links to your site. If you enjoy digging into the data from Webmaster Tools but don’t want to use Python scripts or the API, we’ve added new functionality just for you.

Have you used the new Google Groups for Business?

Google recently launched a new version of Google Groups for Business, which includes better searching, customizable roles, email lists, web or Q&A forums, and collaborative inboxes. It’s a great new feature both for your own business as well as your customers’. Inform your customers, access user guides, and learn more by visiting What’s New.

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